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Please submit your application for membership in the appropriate category. You may also select guest to register a non-member website profile.  

Fellow: OMS who are certified by the ABOMS are eligible to apply for Fellowship. Individuals must be licensed in medicine or dentistry in the jurisdiction where practicing within the U.S. or Canada*.

Resident Member: Individuals who are enrolled at accredited OMS training programs in the U.S. or Canada are eligible for complimentary Resident Membership during their residency and post-residency fellowship. 

Associate Member: OMS who have completed their residency but have not been certified by the ABOMS are eligible to become Associate Members. The individual must be licensed in medicine or dentistry in the jurisdiction where he/she practices*. Applicants who have graduated from OMS residency in the last year may select the "Applicant First Year After Residency" type below and are eligible for complimentary membership for their first year.

International Affiliate: Individuals who are not licensed in the U.S. or Canada but who practice OMS internationally are eligible for membership as International Affiliates.

Guest: non-members may select the "guest" option below to create a website profile in order to utilize the ACOMS Learning Center and register for certain online educational activities. 

*Or anywhere in U.S. jurisdiction if practicing in the federal services.

Membership Dues and Fees: new applicants for Fellowship, Associate Membership, and International Affiliate Membership are subject to a $50 application fee. Standard dues are $595 per year for the period from September 1 through August 31 (pro-rated periodically for new applicants throughout the year). Reduced-rate dues of $295 are available for full-time academic faculty and active duty military members.

Membership dues and application fee are waived for OMS residents and individuals in their first year after residency.